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But there are insufficities in the transfer of them to the site, therefore, the studies carried out are not turned to production. • signal 4: sheep and decreases in the number of goat-trowel … in recent years, turkey, red meat “di-suk production of high prices” Put the emergence of the problem and the number of goats years-d’Or experienced a reduction it is clear that significant levels-also contributed. turkey in 1990 versus 55 million population is 51 million head of sheep and goats available-ta, the year of 29.5 million head in 2008 against the population of 72 million sheep and a goat. not only for the solution to the current problems in the food market in turkey, population, per capita income, the increase in the number of tourists also taking into account parameters such as the potential demand should appear entertainment and action plans should be created for the future. In 2010, our population increased by 29% in 2010 as follows in 2010, increased by 54% per capita in 2010, increased by 54% per capita. In this period, red meat consumption decreased by 19%, the number of KÜ-Tickbash animals decreased by 42%. It can be said that there is a number of tourists in the other factor that increases Tale-bi in our country. turkey 1990 with 5 million tourists per year while in 2009, 27 million (figure 8) increases the demand for red meat out.

• 36 • Signal 5: Supporting system … Agriculture is supported in all developed and undeveloped countries. Because the Agricultural Sector-R is different features in the economy than other sectors. States support the agricultural sector in their countries-the montage; In this country, farmers cannot reside in the agricultural sector, which is carried out depending on the natural conditions, which are long, is carried out in the agricultural sector, and may not reside in the countryside with a lower income and standard of living, and may not be employed in the rural area, the food assurance can be jeopardized, the food assurance can be jeopardized. Etc. Live problems in food supply in du-Greeks. For these reasons, agriculture is supported in every country. For this reason, one of the objects of the EU is to provide food assurance, so the WTO agricultural agreement has been negotiated for over 15 years, so countries such as US, Japan produce high industry, knowledge and techno-logic, while producing the most agricultural products in the world. and are their country of trade. How much and how to grade the grade, the infrastructure of the des-only feed is fed with signals from strong research institutions. In international interviews, the most effective role play these countries. Despite the fact that the industry, single-nology is the information society they manage world agriculture. There are active product markets in their country, as they achieve the income that will provide a good standard of living standard, consumers from the reasonable price they can also consume agricultural products. Children teenagers get enough of the protein they need. turkey in support for livestock production as you examine the last 10 years-has also increased.

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