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Starting the shopping center and the 8th store. Ramstore, which was previously north and east of Moscow, this time is located in the south of the city and in the most modern and intensive residential area. The Ramstore Shopping Center Houses Kashirskaya 10,000 m2 Moscow’s largest hypermarket and 90 specialties store. 50.000 products compiled from the Turkish and world markets in the hypermarket of 50-Chamber of Hypermarket, while meeting the Moscova with Moscova, the social and commercial sense is located in the center of 4 cinema, children’s playgrounds, which includes 4 cinema, children’s playgrounds, the world brands, 500 people Fast Food area. Ramstore, which is part of the daily life of Moscow’s daily life, is greatly interested in competitive prices and Moscow, the fact that the person who exceeds 10 million per year exceeds 100,000 m2 with the opening of the giant center in May in May 2000. . Their contribution to the abroad image of the Turkish goods, expansion to new markets and the positive contributions of organized trade in terms of Turkish-Russian trade relations are also running to new horizons. In 1997, the first start of Moscow in Moscow, the first start of the Turkish retail sector in Moscow, the experienced and leading organization of the Turkish retail sector is widespread their investments in Moscow with the Leader of Migros and Construction Sector. The center, which participates in Moscow in Moscow in Moscow in 3 years, while he reached 8 in Moscow in Moscow, in 1998, he reached 8 in doubling the number for the head of 2001 and starts to serve all parts of the city in Kashirskaya. – Ramstore is the key to the new organized markets abroad for Turkish products … Ramstore shopping malls, mainly from the world around the world next to large-scale Turkish products and 383

It offers brands to Moscow’s liking, the basis of a new organizing market abroad as the majority of trade and shopping on the large scale. The Ramstore, which provides a serious exit in Turkish brands, creates an opportunity to gain an important market share to high quality and attractive priced Turkish brands. – The opening in January 18 is expected to be interested in Tens of thousands of Moscoval … The opening will bring together the mayors of two giant Megopolians will be opened with a magnificent ceremony. Opening Moscow Mayor and Governor Lujkov, Istanbul Mayor Ali Müfit Gürtuna, Koç Holding and Migros Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rahmi M. Koç, Koç Holding Board of Directors Member of Koç Holding and Erdogan Gönünün, Enka Holding Board of Directors The President of Grinik Tara will take place with the participation of the Turkish Ambassador Nabi Şensoy, Koç Holding, Migros and Enka Holding officials. Moscow, 3 Ramstore Shopping Center after the opening ceremony of the opening of Turkey’s first woman had Jala Yılmabaşar professor of ceramic painting exhibition. The exhibition will continue in Novy Monej until January 28. – The giant center is located in the most intense and modern residential area of ​​Moscow … Ramstore Kashirskaya is located in the key position that uses the Moscow, which uses both public transport and public transport. The shopping center is located on the main artery of the average of 66,800 cars per day.

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