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For this reason, most times, the news, beliefs and information that does not meet the previously existing preferences of the audience. Because it can’t afford such an application that will lead to numerical reduction of the target audience. The target audience of mass communication tools is human, versatile complex asset. Those who manage mass media, the news they are preparing, to each individual’s personality, psychological ya 285

In the physiological state, (vigorous, tired, joyful, sad, angry, happy ill, worried, etc.) in the medium (at home, at the workplace, on the road, in the private ota, in public transport in the park at the stadium, etc. .) For some extent, the target audience and conditions are subject to a general classification because they cannot edit the impact of the group belonging to. According to a survey, the target audience for Turkey, the simplest form and with generalize, “Majority of male primary school graduate, Muslim, Turkish citizens, middle-income, 19-34 years of age (middle aged) community” as it is possible to define. But the journalist must recognize its own reader, their own audience, more details. For this, public opinion research can shed light on it. However, “reader, listener never forgotten the truth that the tracer research, the mass, only classified,”. 11. 9. Universality and human interest have two features in the radio, on the radio, TV or written press: Universality and human interest. 11. 9. Universality Universality is to meet individuals, masses, public, universal solidarity requirements. Previously, the familial, the abrasions of the cabilies, later in the social and national solidarity, has entered the universalization stage today. Today’s human has begun to deal with the nearby surroundings as well as those who are very far away. This interest in photographs and interviews are launched with the interviews, the TV is very far away from each other in direct relationship with the continent to the continent to our room 286

came to the final stage. Contemporary communication is to contribute to this universal solidarity. However, you need to balance the Universality element correctly with the “psychological distance”. This distance is caused by the lack of historical, political, social, cultural relations as well as geographical. A problem in our neighborhood concerns us more than experienced in other neighborhoods. A glitch in our city affects us more than the like in other cities. The fire in a super market in Rome concerns French more than Turks or Indians. The success of a French athlete will make more echo in North African countries than in the UK. developments in Pakistan, in Turkey, will collect more interest from Spain. It is the most recent example of this issue to remember that international news agencies are “disaster news” of the news they give in relation to the developing countries. 11. 9. 2. Human interest journalist must try to get as far as I can from the danger of “human interest” while organizing the news. Examples of this attitude, the news can be shown in the properties of the heroes of the phenomenon, not the logic evaluations of the public. The intelligents are not enough attention to love stories of a star, as they are affected by mother’s news.

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