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Yahya b. Referring to Périer, Wenrich, Brockelmann, Leclerc and Graf, which is referred to in the last part of the detached study of the adital study, at all of them. That adî’s philosophical works have not expressed the authenticity; Although they disappear in these works, their number and their names are an important index of Yahya’s intellectual activity, and they are also interested in the problems of Yahya, but are not only a corporate logic of mathematics and metaphysics. Adî’s views have shown the effect of later studies. Safiyy from his students b. Asser, nitors him as the Burhan of the Christian religion’s cell and Yakubî denomination. Again, the impact on the contemporaries and next ones on the description of its “one” is understood from the studies on this issue.55 Yahya b. Have also influenced their adre-Islamic thinkers. Ibn Rüşd Allah is a decelet against Ibn Sina, who denied the Unlaws of Allah’s Know the Cola and Yahya b. Affected by adî. And again to the metaphysics of Aristo, the Şerhi and Heyulani is based on the analysis of the mind risale.56 Yahya in the opinion of the Atom from Kelam issues b. Adî Mu’tezillier has a close attitude.57 52 53 54 55

Rescher, Age, p. 134 AGE, p. 134 Périer, Age, p. 216. Halifat, AGE, SS. 61-63. Yahya b. The name of adî is probably due to the artifacts that he probably defends Christian religion. 56 AGE, SS. 63-64. 57 AGE, p. 64. Yahya b. The Périer describes the views on the effects of Adî, tells him that his doctrine reminds the basic principles of Islamic junctions. Here three main views are mentioned: God-matter relationship is a subject of God to know the walls and the human soul. (Age, p. 218)

Yahya b. As for the contributions of Adî to the logic area, it is necessary to look at the discussions in the period to better understand. The most commonly discussed issues in the 10th century Baghdadicism environment, the relationship between logic and the Sunnis’s attitude, the number of categories and relations, the structure of the modern modality, the structure of the modality, grammar and logic, conditional comparisons, cultures, etc.58 Yahydi b. When Adî’s works, we see that there is close interest in these issues and even artifacts. Introduction to the logic in the style of entry, the logic is the handle; It has written its purpose, the subject and the nature of them.59 In some works, in some works, the concept of “logic-grammar” in that period was discussed or the relationship between them. This discussion is Yahya b. Adî’s teacher Ebu Bishr Matta b. Dolphi Ebu Said Es-cirafi was past.61 Many an air was uncomfortable with the supremacy of logic proof in various procurement environments, which were uncomfortable with these attitudes of logic supporters. Here is perhaps due to such a sense of background, they are put on the way to the search path that may be a rule out of the rules and pedestals of logic proof.

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