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On the other hand he did not pay attention to Ford’s number of personnel from 200,000 to 55,000. Again, it was not the same way that Ford gives a misery fee of $ 2-3 in the distribution unit.

Ford was a lot of effort on the outside sample industry image; In Ford workplaces, those who make up the body of employees were not dismissed without taking others. This was found by Alta Vuku from the bottom. Different rationalizing measures were taken; The use of the machines was increased or there were several troubles to the elements of labor that is no longer needed; New regulations involving comprehensive and discrimination were formed. In some cases that reveal accordingly, the justification of dismissal was being unavoidable. Other workers were not currently found that there is no work at this time but the firm was in mind that the workers will have a better contract in the old workplaces and to allow the work to be recalled to work. Statistics of this Ford? The data had been misleading, as they remove less workers from other firms. On the other hand, in terms of the workers who meet this situation, Ford has given bad results. Because these people still couldn’t find a new job in any way as they are involved in a firm’s fare list. The pressure on the remaining employees was systematically upgraded; The number of business crashes increased. Ford work places in the official documents were shown as sample work places where protection measures against business accidents were taken. The company was also one of the first industrialists who established the “Workers’ Department” in the same way. But at the same time, there were also the “Acceleration of Business” in the workplaces of the walking band and running the motion speed of the machines. As such, the “Worker Protection” section remained without function. In those periods, Ford work places are estimated that at least one worker died as a result of the job accident. The injured and the dead cannot be reached on the number of dead numbers because the workplace is taken to their own hospitals.

The long depression period in 1929 took the Ford to find new ways to reduce expenses; When the minimum fee is reduced to $ 4, the weekly study period was shortened between 1 and 2 days. These measures were guaranteed the company’s profitability and to hold the expenses that emerged due to the full capacity of the vehicles.

Henry Ford, which was an example of once between employers, now it had been the worst employer. Was paying the lowest charges in industry. The style of business was the most cruel. The name of the workplaces had become profanity between workers. A long time ago he had announced that workers who want to establish their unions. Now, in the study of trade union organization, or the word in the mouth of the fact that they are instructed to dismiss them from the other industries in the other industries in the United States will run more informant to prevent jobs in other industries.

1920 brought the US conjuncture; The Ford T-Model has a reduction in $ 440 in the new luxury version of $ 525.

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